About us

Nature’s Own is a part of the Brooklyn Bottling Group. Founded in the heart of the Brooklyn in 1936, Brooklyn Bottling Group is one of the largest independently owned beverage and food companies in the United States.

The beginnings

Founded by Jack Miller in 1936, the company started out by selling seltzers and syrups door to door in Brooklyn neighborhoods. The second generation, Arnold Miller, acquired the first bottling facility and the company began to produce soft drinks in 1947. In its third generation, Eric Miller has expanded the company’s line up to include fruit juices.

The Visionto deliver ``a quality product with an honest price``


We are committed to offering a wide range of products to allow our customers to confidently procure from a single reliable source.


With state of the art equipment combined with the best and most efficient quality control programs, we take care to deliver rigorous management of quality throughout all processes to ensure that appropriate standards are maintained until the final product is received and beyond.


We pride ourselves on ethical working practices and robust corporate and social responsibility that covers all of our dealings.


We are committed to offer cost effective solutions through a thorough understanding of each market and its requirements. With many processes, products and packaging solutions, we are one of the most dynamic producers in its field.


Excellence is our goal in everything we do. We always bring our insight and experience to adapt to our customer’s requirements


Our products, and the people who are here to create them, are our foundation.